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Ann McKinney says...

We are the McKinney family, from central, IL. Adoption and orphan care has enriched and blessed our lives for over twenty years. We recently became aware of "Judith", a 9 year old orphan from South America. Judith has developmental and physical delays and needs the love and support of a family. We have love to share, room in our home, and are able to meet her needs. Hopefully we can help her overcome her challenges. We are excited and blessed that God has chosen us to be a family for this sweet princess! Please help us bring our daughter home. Thank you and God bless! :)

Here I Am’s FUNDS FOR FAMILIES campaign allows families to create their own pages and raise funds to offset some of the costs associated with adoption. Because of Here I Am’s 501(c)3 status, gifts made on on the families' pages are tax-deductible for the donors. 

Please note: In order to minimize administration costs and accounting burdens, all contributions to HIAOM are recognized as unrestricted funds, unless given on a specific family’s page through our Funds for Families program. In the event that a family cannot complete their adoption, the funds from that family's page are moved to our general advocacy fund. We cannot offer refunds on any contributions made to these pages. 

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